About me

Profession: e-Media Consultant.Urs Baumann
E-Business Consultant, Webmaster, Webdesigner, Online Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist, blogger and tweeter.

I received my BA in economics and then went on to UCSB Santa Barbara , California where I fine tuned my online business skills by earning a degree in Internet, webdesign and marketing during the first dot.com wave in 2000. I worked for startup companies DMA-Technologies and eurospy.com in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and for a label printer company gallus-group in Philadelphia. I learned the business firsthand by working with IT-cracks and hardcore marketing professionals.

In 2001, I joined ABB Switzerland as a webmaster and e-business consultant to advise and support them in joining the digital age. I planned and handled the launch of various business portals, launched B2B & B2C platforms to gear up the online business, improved the sales & service approach to serve the customer better and implemented online marketing to get hold of the target group.
Communication was a key asset, so intranet and social media became a large part of the business plan. I also was involved in strategic planning for future web and social media tools on HQ level

Since 2013 I’m an e-media consultant, with focus on online marketing and e-commerce.

Education and courses:
– 2014 SEO, SEM (Google Analytics & Adwords)
– 2014 Online Marketing Manager IAB, Zurich
– 2012 CI & Branding, ABB Switzerland
– 2007 Computer Science, IFA Zurich
– 2000 Webmaster, UCSB Santa Barbara, USA